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By Russell DanDRiDge Photo credits the Jed Foundation B rittany Snow is a well-known face and name these days. Because of that notoriety she has lent her support to an organization called the Jed Foundation in order to help raise the organization’s awareness - it provides programs to encourage young people to seek help if needed for themselves or for a friend. “They also share stories from other teens and young adults about their own personal journeys in dealing with these problems,” Snow begins. “I think everyone can relate to these thoughts and feelings, and many can relate to diseases like depression and eating disorders. There are not many resources out there for young people to turn to, and sometimes they feel alone. I wanted to share my story and help in any way I could to put out a message that no one has to deal with this alone and there is help.” Snow got involved with The Jed Foundation a few years ago because she says she wanted to get involved with a charity that deals with issues she found important personally and that she felt everyone should be more aware of overall. “The Jed Foundation deals with emotional health issues like depression, eating disorders, self injury and suicide,” she explains. “I had a friend in high school who died by suicide and I found that many of my friends have struggled with these issues in one way or another. The Jed Foundation sends a 50 A Distinctive style MAGAZine message that no matter what you are dealing with, you are not alone and there is help available. Snow has been working with the Foundation for a little over three years and says it has been an amazing experience. One of the highlights has been to work on the “Half of Us” campaign (halfofus.org) with mtvU to create a personal story about her own struggles and how she overcame them. “I have presented at the Jed Foundation’s Gala and I’m now working on creating a campaign with the photographer Tyler Shields called ‘It’s On My Mind’, “ she says. “The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of emotional health issues and encourage people to speak up if they are struggling. The piece will explore a range of emotions, how many people feel like they are alone, and how we can deal with these issues. We want them to know that they’re not alone – that there is help. I am also doing a PSA for the Foundation, which is being produced by Golden Globe winner Jon Landau.” In the future Snow says of working with the organization, “I hope to be more involved for as long as I can and do anything to help this amazing organization. I have gotten so much out of working with The Jed Foundation. I shared my personal story a couple years ago in hopes that I would help even just one girl who was struggling. It was very scary and hard for me, but the outcome was more than I ever imagined. I’ve had girls come up to me and say that I saved their life. I have gotten letters from young adults saying that they watch my story almost daily and it has given them hope to beat what they are going through. I will never forget what people have said to me. It is truly a life-changing experience.” A few years ago too, Snow said she was lucky enough to be able to speak at the gala about her friend who died by suicide. “I was honored that they would ask me to speak and was amazed at how people received my story.” From Tampa, Florida, Snow moved to Los Angeles when she was 15, but actually began modeling when she was just three years old. “I started when I was three in modeling and commercials,” she concludes. “I did a few television shows, the soap opera ‘Guiding Light’, when I was 12 to 15. I then moved to L.A to do ‘American Dreams,’ a television show on NBC. From there I started doing movies and television and have been working hard ever since.” So what does she do in her down time? She says when she is not working and taking the time to promote the Jed Foundation she actually collects clocks and Polaroid pictures.

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